Large Fish Jug


Hand-thrown earthenware pottery jug measuring approx. 22cm height x 11cm diameter opening. Measurement across the top from pouring lip to top of handle approx. 19cm. The jug curves out and measures 17cm in diameter at its widest point. Holds approx. 1900mls.

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This hand-thrown jug has a strong, generous shape. The elegant handle has been pulled directly from the rim of the pot giving it a lively spring away from the shape. The fish decoration is created with coloured glazes and hot wax resist; it mirrors the effect of looking through water. The jug looks equally good with flowers or serving water at the table.


Elizabeth’s glazed earthenware pottery is created to be both decorative and functional. It is dishwasher safe. The pottery may be put in the microwave but please note the pot becomes hot during this process so care must be taken when handling it. Due to the firing temperatures of earthenware pottery it is not ovenproof but can be warmed to serve hot food and liquids.