Flamborough gansey throw


This gansey inspired throw was created using the traditional patterns identifiable with Flamborough. The diamond and mesh design of the gansey throw is particular to this region, with panels of hearts a more recently established tradition.

A gansey is a hand knitted, woollen jumper traditionally worn by fishermen. It is a tough, weatherproof garment designed to help protect the wearer from the elements. By the 19th century fishing communities had developed their own favoured gansey designs. The patterns created were inspired by the everyday objects used by the fishermen, such as ropes, chains, ladders, sand prints, herring bones, anchors and netting.

The throw weighs just under 1.6 kilograms and took over 17 hours to knit by hand. It is made of 100% pure new British wool, from flocks raised to British standards, practices and animal welfare. It is undyed reducing any environmental impact. The wool came from the Jacob sheep which produces a natural piebald fleece. This can be separated into individual colours or blended to create a humbug effect as shown.

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Humbug coloured pure new wool, super chunky.

Hand knitted in Humbug Jacob wool

Hearts are a key feature for Flamborough.

A panel of hearts with ropes going up wither edge.

Criss cross pattern and hearts.

The throw.

Throw it over tha chaise.

Side ways view.


Additional information

Weight 1700 g
Dimensions 182 × 152 cm