Patrington and Withernsea gansey scarf


A gorgeous designer scarf hand knitted using the gansey patterns from Patrington and Withernsea.

A gansey is a hand knitted, woollen jumper traditionally worn by fishermen. By the 19th century fishing communities had developed their own favoured gansey designs according to the region they lived in. The patterns created were inspired by everyday objects used by the fishermen, such as ropes, chains, ladders, sand prints, herringbones, anchors and netting.

The two villages of Patrington and Withernsea had their own exclusive preferred design. A ladder runs through the centre of the scarf. With ropes twisting up the edges. The border is in a basket knit.

Knitted in 100% pure new wool woven from fleece to yarn in Yorkshire and knitted by a Yorkshire lass. The wool comes from British sheep raised to British farming standards and practices. It is from the Blue faced Leicester sheep which produces a lustrous yarn akin to mohair. The super chunky wool is undyed, reducing environmental impact and maintaining it’s natural beauty.

Not your average scarf, a little piece of history to wear with pride. Cosy and warm. A gift with some thought behind it!

Sold By: Ee baa gum
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177 cm by 29 cm, long and wide

Very warm and cosy

Ropes running through the design

Basket weave edging

Close up of the Patrington and Withernsea design

Beautiful soft chunky wool from the Blue faced Leicester sheep

Naturally undyed, creamy white

The scarf

close up of the design


Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 177 × 29 cm