Humber gansey scarf


A sumptuous scarf, hand knitted in 100% pure new wool. I designed this scarf based upon the gansey jumpers a traditional garment worn by the Humber Keelmen.

A gansey is a hand knitted jumper traditionally worn by fishermen. By the 19th century fishing communities had developed their own specific designs in their area. The patterns were inspired by everyday objects used by fishermen, such as ropes, chains, ladders, sand prints, herringbones, anchors and netting.

This gansey inspired scarf was created using the traditional patterns worn by the Humber Keelmen. The edges have wave patterns, then comes the star a specific design not found in any other Yorkshire ganseys, then diamond shaped nets and in the middle of the scarf flags and herringbones. This is then reflected down the other side creating a symmetrical pattern.

Knitted on two needles by hand using British wool woven from fleece to yarn in Yorkshire. From sheep raised to British standards. The wool is super chunky from blue faced Leicester sheep, a soft lustrous yarn akin to mohair. Undyed in a beautiful creamy white. Measuring 192cm by 30cm.

A pleasure to wear, soft and warm. Not just a functional accessory but a historical talking piece too.

Sold By: Ee baa gum
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zig zag edging

long length

Centre of scarf where pattern flips, herring bones change direction

The traditional Humber star

Close up of the traditional edging pattern

Checkered diamonds synonymous with Humber

Undyed creamy white natural colour

Design detail, herringbones in the centre

Front and reverse sides shown


Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 192 × 30 cm