Flamborough gansey scarf


A super soft, pure new wool scarf. Luxurious in length and width, can be worn in a variety of ways. Based on historical research into the Flamborough gansey.

A gansey is  a hand knitted jumper traditionally worn by fishermen. By the 19th century fishing communities had developed their own favoured gansey designs. The patterns were inspired by everyday objects used by the fishermen, such as ropes, chains, ladders, sand prints, herringbones, anchors and netting.

This gansey inspired scarf was created using the traditional patterns identified in Flamborough. The diamond and mesh design is particular to this region, with the hearts a more recent tradition.

Made from 100% pure new wool from British sheep raised to British farming practices and standards. Woven from fleece to yarn in Yorkshire and hand knitted by a Yorkshire lass. From Blue faced Leicester sheep which produce a lustrous yarn akin to mohair. Naturally undyed in a creamy white colour. The super chunky wool has been super washed which enables you to the wash the scarf should it be need.

The scarf is a good width (26 cm) and has length (187 cm) to wrap around you several times to keep you toasty. Diamonds and hearts alternate through the scarf with the hearts flipping half way producing symmetry in the design. Not only beautifully and deliciously warm, it is a talking piece and a must for someone who is from or loves to go to Flamborough.

Sold By: Ee baa gum
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Pattern detail

Long and wide

Full length shown

Alternate hearts and checked diamonds

Middle of the scarf where the design is flipped

Open diamonds

super soft and cosy

Heart design specific to Flamborough

All rolled up!

Edge showing border design

Natural undyed creamy white