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    First Name:Mark Business Name:Brushmark Signs Business Description:Based in Scarborough, Brushmark signs design and create hand painted signs, murals, marketing display items and special projects. Each sign is crafted with a mix of modern, contemporary and classic art. Business Address:Scarborough North Yorkshire Country:United Kingdom Business Tel:01723 354970 Website:
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    With training at Jacob Kramer college of art and design in Leeds, plus many years working in commercial art, Brushmark Signs are passionate about creating traditionally made, hand painted signs and special projects.

    Skilfully hand crafted and unique items are appreciated in a world of “fast” and “mass produced”.

    Hand painted signs are made to last. With exterior paints, varnish and weather proof edging a Brushmark sign is a not only a quality statement but an item made with real care.

    Every sign or project for a business, every sign or number for a home is a challenge to create something unique. These signs are likely to be there for a long time so why not give the project those little extra touches & make sure the end result is something to treasure and give pleasure?

    Each project sparks ideas, rather than having to choose from a selection of standard, stock images, a Brushmark Sign can be whatever we want it to be. Each project begins with a concept, “Owl cottage”, for example the “O” is formed by a hole in a tree with the Owl looking directly out, give the tree bark depth and colour, add a cheeky mouse making his way along the edging strip and you have the makings of a conversation piece, not just a lovely sign for your home.

    Unique designs, 100% hand painted, personalised and hand crafted, not "mass produced" or standard "off the shelf" designs.

    For more information, visit the Brushmark Signs website


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